The Texas Death Penalty and Me
(Houston Chronicle)
As research for Black-Eyed Susans, I stood outside the Death House in Huntsville while a man was being executed. I didn’t expect for it to change me—to turn into a night I will never forget.
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Rhonda Roby: Forensic Legend
(D magazine. Photographs by Elizabeth Lavin.)
Meet the real woman behind the brilliant science of Black-Eyed Susans, who inspired one of my characters right down to the DNA charm she wears around her neck.
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My Path into the Publishing Jungle
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Illustration by Mark Hoffer.)
With the economy tumbling, I blissfully gave up my job to re-invent myself in my 40s and write a book. Here’s how that worked out.
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Madness, Most Foul
(Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Illustration by Mark Hoffer.)
Once upon a time, when I wrote this essay, I was a Psychotic Baseball Mom. My son—now in medical school, not a Red Sox pitcher—turned out quite all right anyway. And I am almost fully recovered.
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